NEW COOKBOOK!!! The Protein-Packed Breakfast Club!!

Protein-Packed Breakfast Club

Whether for weight loss, managing prediabetes or Type II diabetes, or for a healthy, fit
lifestyle, The Protein-Packed Breakfast Club is filled with delicious, easy to make
recipes containing 300 calories or less and packed with a minimum of 20 grams of

Power up your morning with protein! You’ll find recipes featuring dairy, protein
powders, nuts, seeds, eggs and ancient grains including hot trends like overnight
oats, smoothie bowls and mug cakes. Discover healthier versions of classics like
pancakes and French toast. Many recipes are also vegetarian and gluten free.

In a hurry in the morning? Don’t worry! Prepare your breakfast in the evening or on
the weekend to save precious time during the morning rush while ensuring you
begin the day with an energizing, protein-packed breakfast!

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