Getting Fit with SUBWAY: Healthy Eating On-the-Go!

Getting Fit with SUBWAY…Healthy Eating On-the-GO!

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of SUBWAY:

I love SUBWAY! That’s right, the person who is always talking about weight control eats sandwiches. I just returned from the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Atlanta.  Otherwise known as FNCE, it’s the Super Bowl of nutrition for registered dietitians, about 8,000 of us in fact. As a FitFluential Ambassador, I had the good fortune of sharing a fantastic breakfast with SUBWAY’s amazing RD, Lanette Kovachi, Jenna Braddock (a fellow FFA, RD and friend), as well as the awesome SUBWAY team.

Subway team

Subway team

We all talked about SUBWAY’s initiatives and transparency in striving to continually improve their already impressive menu. A long-time fan, I knew that SUBWAY offered many healthy choices for any meal of the day, and for the whole family. I was even more impressed by the strides SUBWAY has taken over the past several years to improve the nutritional quality of their delicious menu items. Did you know that SUBWAY was the first quick service restaurant with meals to earn the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Mark? Cool, right?

What does that mean? That SUBWAY takes wellness to heart! The American Heart Association certifies that all FRESH FIT meals contain:
* 700 calories or less
* 30% or less calories from fat
* 26 grams of less of total fat
* 5 grams or less of saturated fat
* 900 mg or less of sodium
* 105 mg or less of cholesterol
* At least 10% of the daily value of 1 of 6 beneficial nutrients

AHA Heart Healthy Meals- SUBWAY

AHA Heart Healthy Meals- SUBWAY

As a very busy mom and dietitian, I can honestly say that SUBWAY has saved me many times. It’s reassuring that I can enjoy a veggie packed meal at the right calorie level for me, for a great price and super convenience. For complete nutrition information, click here.

While at FNCE, SUBWAY and FitFluential held a twitter chat themed #GetYourVeggieOn which was a blast! It was so much fun to interact with so many SUBWAY fans who appreciate the convenience, nutrition and price point of SUBWAY offerings!



Putting my dietitian hat on for a minute, I’ll share some more noteworthy nutrition facts about SUBWAY sandwiches with you…

SUBWAY's healthy stats

SUBWAY’s healthy stats

Did you know that a 6 inch SUBWAY sandwich made with the “Fresh Veggies” is:

  1. Packed with Protein: a sub with meat, poultry or seafood provides at least 30% of daily protein needs.

  2. Fiber-Friendly: When made on a 9-grain wheat bread, a sub provides 5 grams of fiber or 20% of your daily fiber needs. Also each serving contains 24 grams of whole grain which is ½ of the 48 gram daily recommended amount of whole grains.

  3. Free of Artificial Trans Fat (partially hydrogenated oil)- no yucky oil in there.

  4. Loaded with Essential Vitamins and Minerals: Every 6 inch sub contains as much calcium as a glass of milk, 20% of the daily value for vitamin C and D and 15% daily value of iron!

  5. Filled with Nutrient-Packed Fresh Veggies: You get 1 cup or 1/3 of your veggie requirement. That’s 2 servings per 6 inch sandwich. Sweet!

  6. Rich in carbohydrates– the good ones: The fuel that your body needs to function throughout the day!

  7. Better for the Heart: The 8 SUBWAY FRESH FIT sandwiches are also a part of AHA heart-check certified meals. There are over 20 Heart-Check meal combos in all. These meals include a 6 inch SUBWAY FRESH FIT sub prepared on a 9-grain wheat bread without additional condiments, served with apples and bottled water.

  8. Easy on the Calories: SUBWAY offers 10 regular 6 inch subs with 400 calories or less.

  9. Great with Better-for-You Sides and Beverages: Add baked chips, fresh apple slices or low fat yogurt as a guilt-free, delicious side.

  10. Reduced in Sodium! SUBWAY has reduced sodium by 35% in their FRESH FIT Sandwiches. Sodium has been reduced by 30% across the board since 2009.

Do you “Just Scoop It”?

If you are trying to cut carbs or calories even further, I have a trick! Ask the friendly sandwich artist to “scoop it” by removing excess bread from the inside of the sandwich before building it. You will save about 40 calories, not bad!

Also, The American Diabetes Association salutes SUBWAY® restaurants for offering friendlier meal options for people with diabetes Check out the menu!

SUBWAY Diabetes Friendly Menu

SUBWAY Diabetes Friendly Menu

So what does all this info really mean?  Bottom line: it means that you and your family can enjoy SUBWAY while properly fueling your body for weight loss, sports, fitness and fun. A quick stop prior to or during a family car trip will ensure you supply your body with the nutrition you need without all the fast food grease you don’t. Refuel with a SUBWAY meal after a workout, sports practice, tournament day, long work day, college classes or just to supply your body with the protein, fiber and whole grains you need to stay healthy and active. I know I will! And if you are wondering, my favorite SUBWAY sandwich is a FRESH FIT 6 inch Oven Roasted Chicken, on scooped 9-Grain Wheat (no cheese), with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, banana peppers, jalapenos and a little bit of Sriracha. YUM!

What is your favorite SUBWAY sandwich or meal?

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